Amphiro smart shower head

Amphiro smart shower head

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Amphiro is a smart shower head, which helps you save water and energy.

Using real-time feedback, the Amphiro Digital Hand Shower promotes a more conscious use of energy. The integrated LCD display shows amount of water used, water temperature, and energy used.

An integrated LED changes from green to red during the course of the shower as energy usage increases.

The shower display is powered by a small integrated generator driven by the flowing water and needs no battery.

To access additional data and identify trends over time, simply download the free Digital Hand Shower app and connect your Amphiro Digital Hand Shower to your smartphone.


  • Water temperature in real time [°C]
  • Water usage in real time [liters]
  • Polar bear animation
  • Colored LED based on set on goal set by user
  • Total energy consumption of each shower [kWh] (only when water is turned off)


  • Chrome plated digital hand shower
  • Information center: LC-Display
  • Water consumption indication: LED interface
  • Dimensions: 120 x 270 mm
  • Connector: ½”
  • Typical flow rate: 12 l/min at 3 bar
  • Produced and assembled in Finland
  • Hose not included